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The role of Interpersonal Relations in teaching Business Communication

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   In the era of globalization, the integration of domestic higher education in the international educational platform, and professional mobility, need for specialists is growing that can help establish intercultural and scientific ties as well as represent their country abroad, and respect the spiritual values of other countries and peoples. In this regard, the quality of higher education is characterized not only by the amount of knowledge in the specialty, but also by the ability of future graduates to communicate in foreign languages. The topicality of the research is the lack of professionally important qualities associated with business communication, the inconsistency of their development level with the requirements for the activities of a future specialist, lead to his long-term professional adaptation in production situations.          This thesis aims to analyse the impact of interpersonal relationship in teaching Business communication as well as interpersonal skills required for teachers of Business English.  The object of study in this work is interpersonal relationship, and the subject of study is the impact of interpersonal relations in teaching Business Communication.            In accordance with the subject and object of research, the following tasks have been put forward: 
  - To analyse the concept of interpersonal relationship 
  - To identify the organizational and educational role of interpersonal relationship 
 - To measure its impact in teaching a foreign language 
 - To come up with particular solutions and recommendations     
   The theoretical part will focus on academic research in the area of interpersonal relationship for a complete comprehension of the topic. Firstly, we generally introduce the concept of interpersonal relationship and its educational role as it represents the essential information for further research such as the interpersonal relationships between teacher and student.   

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