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Выполните лексико-грамматический тест. 1. Therewereafewbreaks … thePrimeMinisterspeech.

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Выполните лексико-грамматический тест.
1. Therewereafewbreaks … thePrimeMinisterspeech.
  1. for
  2. during 
  3. while
2. My sister read lots of books … she was ill.
  1. for
  2. during
  3. while
3. My mother was so angry with me that she did not speak to me … almost ten days.
  1. For 
  2. during
  3. while
4. I saw something interesting … I was waiting for the train.
  1. for
  2. during
  3. while 
5. Angela has not lived in London all her life. She lived in Kingston … seven years.
    1. For 
    2. during
    3. while
6. I love…  oranges
                        a) a
    1. – 
  1. the
7. There is a red pen on the table. Give me … pen.
                 a) a
    1. -
    2. The
8. I am going to … countryside tomorrow.
a) a
b) -
c) the 
9. Would you like … cup of coffee?
a) a 
b) -
c) the
10.Where is … Everest situated?
a)  a
    1. – 
    2. the
11. Please, tell me something ___ than this old joke.
A) interesting
B) less interesting
C) more interesting
D) the most interesting
E) the least interesting 
12. It is much ___ to speak English than to understand.
A) -
B) the most difficult
C) more difficult 
D) difficult
E) most difficult
13. He is ___ among his classmates.
A) old
B) taller
C) theyoungest
D) short
E) higher
14. Какое из существительных не имеет особой формы множественного числа?
a) foot
b) ear
c) deer
d) child
15. В каком из примеров приведено существительное в единственном числе?
a) women
b) garden
c) oxen
d) brethren
16. Какое существительное образует множественное число при помощи окончания -s?
a) basis
b) datum
c) piano
d) phenomenon
17. Укажите существительное с одинаковой формой единственного и множественного числа.
a) ship
b) sleep
c) penny
d) sheep
18. Какое существительное в английском языке употребляется как в единственном, так и во множественном числе?
a) trousers
b) scissors
c) gates
d) clothes
19 Where _____ on holidays?
A) you go
B) do you go
C) do you going
D) are you go
20. I _____ lots of books every year.
A) will read
B) am reading
C) read
D) am going to read
21. We _____ to a party next Saturday.
A) go
B) goes
C) are going
D) went
22. _____ to go out tonight?
A) Do you want
B) Are you wanting
C) Is you want
D) Would you want
23. Every morning Tessa _____ at 7.30.
A) is getting up
B) got up
C) get up
D) gets up
24. On ___ bright January morning ___ telephone kept ringing in my office.
A) the/the
B) a/the
C) -/-
D) -/the
E) the/-
25. ___ man always went to ___ same bar at ___ same time every day and asked for two glasses of ___ soda.
A) A/the/the/-
B) A/the/the/a
C) A/the/-/-
D) -/the/the/-
E) A/-/the/a
26. ___ USA is ___ country. It is in North America.
A) -/a
B) the/a
C) the/-
D) the/the
E) -/-
27. ___ most favorite game is cricket, which is called by ___ English “___ greatest game in ___ world”.
A) the/the/the/the
B) the/a/the/the
C) -/the/-/the
D) a/the/-/the
E) the/an/-/the
28. ___ death of her husband resulted in ___ loss of her home also.
A) -/-
B) -/the
C) the/the
D) a/-
E) a/a
29.12. “I’ve had a terrible toothache for weeks.”
“You _____ go to the dentist.”
A) have to
B) would
C) shouldn’t
D) should
30. If you want to do well in life you _____ believe in yourself.
A) can
B) don’t have to
C) have to
D) should

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